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We were fortunate to join the West Seattle community a decade ago when we bought our first home together in Highland Park. We both come from many years in the hospitality industry - we met in the kitchen of Seattle's Wild Ginger restaurant - and we dreamt of a way to serve furry friends and their people in our own neighborhood.


After marrying in 2012, we added our first new family member, a bouncy, beautiful black lab named Addy (Adelaide). Along with Addy, we adopted two sweet cats, Tybalt and Nora. Our family grew again when we had our daughter, Clementine, in 2019 and our son, Calvin, in 2021.


When the pandemic changed everything in 2020, we were able to step back from the daily hustle and re-evaluate our priorities. We wanted to combine our love of our furry friends with our livelihood and the idea of "Addy's Pet Shop" was born. 


After finding a decrepit building in a perfect location in December of 2020, David poured sweat and more sweat into rehabilitating a piece of Highland Park history. Every inch has been repainted, rebuilt, and refurbished with love. We are thrilled to introduce our family to our neighborhood, provide for the beloved pets of our neighbors, and continue to deepen our roots in this wonderful community. 

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